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Founder & Director



At the beginning of my journey, I experimented with all kinds of ventures… All the way from home staging to Gymnastics Instructor. After switching between so many jobs I recognized that I had many creative skills and was considered a “Jack-of-all-trades”. I thought to myself, “how can I use all of my skills and talents I have and put it to use in one organization?”

Between working for other small businesses, I did runway, photoshoots and acting. I began to want something of my own, so I started a clothing boutique and would help others with styling, and I felt happy. I had no support, and being a single mom I had to focus on my degree and working. 4 years of being a promotional model, 4 years as a Marketing Manager with Nissan Corporate, but I was limited on how much I could push myself. It was not until I left the U.S… Moving to a country where I didn’t understand the language, the world became quiet, and I could hear the words being whispered into head. “Director… CREATIVE DIRECTOR”.


Opportunity arose and I came to Japan. I saw that Japan had so much potential. What beautiful people. But I also so the confidence level was low and wanted to remind not only woman in Japan, but children and Men worldwide, that by strengthening your mind you can be whomever you want to be no matter what talent it is.  I am helping small businesses be known and empower individuals at the same time. I want everyone to see their greatness and this is how I’m doing it.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Shairee of All, Shairee Joy


Мой любимый инструмент - барабаны. Я иду в такт, пою в такт и танцую в такт.  Да, у меня есть ударная установка.


Мой любимый наряд на Хэллоуин — Женщина-кошка. Да, я сделал фотосессию с костюмом.


Ethnicity- Belizian


Favorite Color-Changes by the Week

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