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-Where are you located?

  We are located in Sasebo, Nagasaki Japan and travel for various Services and Events in SouthEast Asia 

-How do I apply to be a Model?

The first step is to submit a submission form. click here

-Can I be in the next Fashion Show?

There is audition for each Fashion Show, regardless if you are a model of CatWalk Enterprise Intl. or not. Please submit a model form and stay updated with our next audition

-What ages do you accept Models?

Ages 5 and up

-I don't have experience, can I still be a Model?

Yes we are learning Agency and offer classes to improve your talent such as acting, runway, pose and confidence. 

-How much do Models get paid?

Only Models that have completed all steps are entitled to compensation. Signed Models will earn ¥2500 per hour. This is calculated by your Tier an client Funding. 

-Can I be part of CWE Agency and another Model Agency?

-Yes unless you have signed a exclusive contract. Models signed up with our agency can work with  another agency outside of Saesbo, Nagasaki.

-When are Runway Lessons?

Group Lesson are twice a month, and private lessons can be booked two business days in advance from Tuesday through Sunday 12:00-6:00PM. For clients outside of JST please contact us before scheduling. Check our schedule online or Facebook

-What other Classes you offer?

Dance, Acting, Runway, Pose, Confidence Building, Makeup, & Hair

-I don't live in US or Japan can I still Model?

Yes we have clients needing Talent in various parts of the World, our main clients are in Japan

Marketing (Business)

-How much do you charge to Host an Event ? 

Our Prices start at ¥100000 please submit a form or book a consult to receive estimated price for your event

-Can you help us put on a Fashion Show?

Yes we have helped many companies advertise their brands, please submit a consult form

-How much does it cost for you to host our Fashion Show? 

Our Prices start at ¥100000, please visit this page and then submit a consult form

-Do you create Business Commercials?

Yes please visit our Service page

-Can you photograph my Wedding or Video it?

We only do Engagement for couples. We can refer you to a Wedding Photographer or Videographer.

-Do you do Photography for Pets?

No, but we can refer you to a Pet Photographer

-Can your provide business services in other countries?

Yes we can 

-Do you offer Translations services?

Yes we translate for business with documents or in person for meetings

-What language can be translated?

Japanese, English, Korean, Tagalog

-Do you offer Website Design?

We only provide personalized templates for your website and can refer you to A web designer

Human Resources

-Can I bring my child to work? 

We support working moms, Unless told otherwise we allow children at work long as they are not distributive to clients and we have advance notice. 

-How do I volunteer?

Please submit a volunteer form

-Are there Intern Positions?

Yes we offer intern positions and will provide you credential documents after completion to help you in your future career.


-Does the CEO Speaks at Private Events?

Yes please reach out to us at 080-3716-4480 or submit a request with date needed

-Are there Summer Camps for Students?

Yes please check our Upcoming Events Page

-Do you do Family Photography?

No, we offer Maternity, Engagement, Boudoir, Glam Makeover, Model, Business Headshot and business storefront photography. We are willing to refer you to a Family Photographer

If you have other questions please visit here

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