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All of our Children are from all around the world  and  we belive in connecting people together to Create and make impactful Changes, We want to add more events for our Kid Models to have fun learning experience that deal with runway, acting, posing, styling and makeup. We want to make things affordable in by doing so we need some help as we are a small company based in a community that is first of its kind. Every Event we do encourage people of different language to share their Culture without letting language being a barrier. This year we will have a separate Kid Fashion Show during our annual

TWW Fashion Show(Together We Walk 2024)

Projected Events

  • Annual Summer Fashion Exchange 3 Day Workshop- Free Ages 7-18  will learn the behind the scene of Fashion Shows by designing outfits, staging, etc

  • Sponsor One child and Teen a Model Package per month

  • Host Annual Pageant where Children can showcase their skills they have learn throughout the year and win a Grand Prize of ¥100000

  • Continue Annual Black & Gold Affair Awards Ceremony where we Host a Event for all supporters from Models to Sponsors

  • Sponsor 4 Foreign Models to be part of a culture tour and Walk in New York fashion Week


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